Problem reading a QDBusArgument

  • I'm trying to detect when a SIP call it's active on MeeGo Harmattan using DBus, I have the method and signal name, but I can't read the reply, here's what I'm trying to do.

    first I connect the signal
    result = QDBusConnection::sessionBus().connect("",
    "ValueChanged", this, SLOT(detectCall(const QDBusMessage&)));

    the problem is trying to read the reply, if I output with QDebug the QDBusMessage I see what I want..

    qDebug() << msg;

    I get
    QDBusMessage(type=Signal, service=":1.837", path="/com/nokia/CallUi/ActiveCall", interface="org.maemo.contextkit.Property", member="ValueChanged", signature="avt", contents=([Argument: av {[Variant: [Argument: a{sv} {"displayName" = [Variant(QString): "echo123"], "muted" = [Variant(bool): false], "startTime" = [Variant(qlonglong): 0], "state" = [Variant(int): 1], "status" = [Variant(bool): true]}]]}], 161751454621870) )

    what I want it's the value of "state"

    so here's what I'm trying to do and doesn't work
    void WMain::detectCall(const QDBusMessage &msg){
    //qDebug() << msg;
    QVariant argFirstValue;
    QVariant key;
    QVariant value;
    QVariantMap map;
    QMap<QString, QVariant> test;

    QDBusArgument arg = qvariant_cast<QDBusArgument>(msg.arguments().first());
    arg >> argFirstValue;
    arg = qvariant_cast<QDBusArgument>(argFirstValue);
    arg >> map;
    qDebug() << map.keys();


    I don't know what I'm missing or doing wrong, hope you can help me, thanks!

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