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QTableView & QSqlQueryModel :when query changes

  • there is a QTableView to display query results, and I set it's model as a QSqlQueryModel:
    QSqlQueryModel* sqlModel = new QSqlQueryModel();
    sqlModel->setQuery(“SELECT id,title FROM tbarticle where key = '1'”, db);
    tableView->setModel(sqlModel) ...
    Now I'd like to query key = '2',and show them on the same tableView, what should I do?
    Should I reset the model of the tableview,or change it?

    Another question, if I insert into the database, how should I update the view?
    Looking forward to your ideas!

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  • to your first question: call setQuery() with the new query.

  • Thank u

  • To your second question: call setQuery() with the old query.


  • nice. Thank u very much

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