QScriptable inheritance.

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to make some of my classes scriptable. I have classes A, B, C, and A<-B<-C.
    I declared JS prototypes for them in classes JA, JB, JC, and JA<-JB<-JC. I
    called setDefaultPrototype() for every J* class.

    Now I call engine->globalObject().setProperty("ptr", engine->toScriptValue<const C *>(CPtr));

    I expect that I can access from JS all the properties of JA and JB using ptr. But actually I can access
    JC properties only.

    I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Does anybody know how to inherit JS prototype classes?

    Thank you,

  • It looks like the problem is qscriptvalue_cast() function. It does not understand that class C is also a class A since C inherits to A. And when I call

    A *p = qscriptvalue_cast<A >(thisObject());

    where thisObject() is actually an object of class C, qscriptvalue_cast() returns 0.

    Still trying to fix that somehow, but with no any luck so far...

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