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Quit application from within thread

  • hi there, i have a application that is quite similar to the threaded fortune server.

    So what i have, is a QT application, with QMainWindow in it, that has a QTcpServer running, that starts threads on incomming connections.

    What i want to do, is, quit the whole application from within one of the threads started by the server.

    I tried different things:

    • just call application->quit();

    Says that a thread was killed while running, unclean exit

    • call QApplication::postEvent(application, new QCloseEvent()) from the end of the threads run() method


    • connect(thread, SIGNAL ( finished ) , application, SLOT ( quit ) );

    Exits unclean

    Any ideas how i could exit the application cleanly from within the thread?

  • You need to add synchronization that waits for all threads to finished before main() exits. If you are sure (to some extend :-) ) that the threads will exit, you can call wait() on the threads that are still running before exiting main.
    The event loop (QApplication::exec()) will exit after processing all the events, and not wait for other threads to exit.

  • Thanx, actually i removed the threads and it turned out that it was some not closed object that was causing the unclean exit ;) but i will return to threads and its good to know

  • You can call terminate() to all your threads before you exit your program, by reimplementing close event on your main window and insert there a call to terminate all threads.

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