QUiLoader in QtScript won't load a .ui file

  • I used QtScript Generator to generate the QT bindings.

    Then I imported all the bindings into C++ and tried to make a quick sample program. What I am trying to do, is use QTDesigner to create a .ui file, and then use QtScript and QUiLoader to load the ui file in the script. I continuously get segfaults on the load portion.

    Here is a simple version of the code.

     @ function testThis(parent){
      testThis.prototype = new QMainWindow();  
      testThis.prototype.loadUi = function(){
      var loader = new QUiLoader();
      var file = new QFile('./test.ui');
      var fileExists = file.exists();
      var fileOpen = file.open(QIODevice.ReadOnly);
      var huh = loader.createWidget("QLabel",0, "test");
      var ui = this.loader.load(this.file,this);
      var newWindow = new testThis();

    the C++ side works fine, I am basically using the qs_eval that ships with the scripts to even try and test this. All of the opens and exists are true, so the QFile is there.

    Just the ui=loader.load is where the problems are.. any help would be appreciated. It always throws a seg fault when it reaches this line of code.

    Oh the huh label shows up just fine, so I know that the QUiLoader is at least working and creating widgets by name.

    I am using Qt 4.7.

    Oh and on a side note, I've tried it with the this. and I have tried it without them, some won't work, but they all eventually give the same result.

  • Funny thing.. I compiled 4.6.3 and redid the bindings from the lab using them.. this now works.

    I still can't get the bindings WebKit example to load, but this at least fixed my biggest issue.

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