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What do you think about Qt Certifications?

  • Qt Staff

    Let's have a chat about Qt Certifications!

    The current Qt Certification offering needs an update, and I would like to hear your thoughts about the certifications.

    What value do the Qt certifications have and should have (to you/employers/Qt ecosystem)?
    Would you like to have different levels of certifications, or should the certificates be only for experienced Qt developers? Is there value for beginner-level certifications?

    If you have a Qt certificate, have you benefited from it (how)?

    How "easy" should the certification process be? There are solutions where you need to identify yourself, and the test is supervised (online or offline). This is a heavier process than if you would take a time-limited test that you can purchase and take straight away without supervision. Do you see that the lighter process would diminish the value of the certificate (and would that be an issue)?

    Anything else?

    All comments are welcomed. ☺️

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  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @JoeCFD Qt certificates exist since quite a long time so it's not some new way for the Qt Company to make money.

    @HannaQt if memory serves well the current certificates already have some notions of levels between "developer" and "specialist" which I find good.

    Having one showing that you know how to use the framework and another that shows that you have learned more than just the surface I find sensible.

    For the process itself, even if a bit heavier, I think the supervised version is the correct one.

  • Qt Staff

    @SGaist Thank you for your thoughts!

    The main point of the certifications is not to make money for the Qt Company. We need to charge something to cover the costs, but the aim is to support the career development of the Qt developers.

    So keep commenting and let me know what you thik about the certifications.

  • @HannaQt I believe we have begun discussing this elsewhere and is a topic which I am scheduled to discuss with Chetan Kumar (ANZ A/C Mgr) later this week amongst other things. You'll no doubt be getting a ping from him at some point shortly, but feel free to contact me directly on the matter in the meantime (AEST).

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