Template class not supported by Q_OBJECT

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    // -- header file -------------------------------------------
    #ifndef MY_CLASS_C_H
    #define MY_CLASS_C_H

    #include <QObject>

    template <typename MY_TYPE>
    class MY_CLASS_c : public QObject

    explicit MY_CLASS_c(QObject *parent = 0);


    public slots:


    #endif // MY_CLASS_C_H

    // -- source file --------------------------------------------
    #include "my_class_c.h"

    template <typename MY_TYPE>
    MY_CLASS_c <MY_TYPE>::MY_CLASS_c(QObject *parent) :

    // -- compiler output ---------------------------------
    my_class_c.h:9: Error: Template classes not supported by Q_OBJECT

    can anyone tell me where exactly i am making mistake.???

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    welcome to devnet

    You cannot combine templates and Q_OBJECT as the compiler output states.

  • I need to have signal-slot facility [Q_OBJECT] in a generic class [template]...
    any alternates.???

  • one solution is to create two different classes, one for signal slot mechanism with Q_OBJECT and one with template which contains generic functionalities...

    then to inherit them...

    any thing else other than this.???

  • Nope, that's your only hope.
    The issue is that moc cannot handle templated code.

  • As long as all you need to do is send and receive signals whose parameters are not of the templated type, the solution with a non-template base class, and a template derived class works well.

  • Ok, having base class with non template signal-slot functionality and to derive a template class from it, will work fine for me.

    but, just for knowledge, what if i need to have signal-slot with template type.???

  • Then, you are out of luck. The only thing you can do then, is wrap the type in a QVariant and emit the signal or define the slot based on the QVariant from the baseclass again. Or, you don't emit the actual value, and let clients call a normal getter method in response to a changed signal instead of sending the value directly. You simply cannot define signals and slots in a template class.

  • hmm... then calling getter function in response to the signal seems pretty good...

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