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Problem with QImage and JPEG

  • I have a problem when I try rescale a image (jpeg image). If I try it in other pc, without qt installed, the image isn't saved.

    I using Windows XP, Qt 4.6.2 and Mingw 4.4.

  • Can you post some test code. Didn't really understand what you are trying to do.

    You resized a JPEG image and tried to save it on another PC and the save failed?

  • Jpeg is a third part library, you have to port in another pc the plugin qjpeg4.dll.
    remember the folder imageformats/qjpeg4.dll

  • It is best to check if image formats and other things supplied by a plugin (such as SQL drivers, for example) are available before trying to use them from your program. If they are not, the program should indicate that error.

    In your case, query QImageWriter::supportedImageFormats() to see if JPEG is supported by the running instance of your application before using it.

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