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converting excel sheet to pdf in qt cpp

  • how to convert excel sheet to pdf using qt cpp

  • @harsha123
    Hello and welcome.

    You need to provide more context about your environment and what exactly you want to achieve. For example, I see at least 3 high-level approcahes you may be starting from:

    1. You are running under Windows, and wish to use Automation to talk from your Qt app to a running Excel program to ask it to select the sheet and do the printing for you.

    2. You have a .xls/.xlsx saved file and want to read that in and print it. (And then you have the sub-issue of how much formatting you expect to be respected, e.g. column widths.)

    3. You have exported a .csv file and want to read that and print a table from it.

  • I want to read .xlsx already existing file and convert to pdf file ,no need to print it just need to create only pdf file from that .xlsx file this i need to do in windows qt cpp .

  • @harsha123
    I do not think there is a C++ library for Qt which can read a .xlsx and understand enough about it to actually render/print/export to PDF. I think at best it can parse it. There may be a library for Python which can accomplish this, but not C++.

    I stand to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable, I may be mistaken.

    Maybe I am wrong. What about ? I see it has

    Qt-Table-Printer is under BSD 3-Clause license.

    at Maybe that can leveraged to produce PDF file (which is why I talked abour "printing" earlier, do print-to-PDF-file).

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