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How do I use QWebView in a computer project and get the specification of attributes and methods for QWebView in the documentation?

  • Good evening to the whole community, I am working on a project for a web browser on a computer. I was told to use the "QWebView" class which will be my web engine for this project. But surprisingly when I include the header file for this class in my project, the IDE tells me that this file cannot be found. I don't know how to use it in my project, but I think I forgot to do some essential action before including this file. But I don't know which one. And also in the documentation for qt6, I get information about QWebView, they tell me it's a module and not a class. But, apart from a brief description on QWebView, I don't get any information about its classes or its attributes and methods yet the module is existing. I very much hope you can answer these questions.
    Thank you for your attention!