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Qt/3d model save / export

  • I see QGLAbstractScene has a loadScene() method for loading models, but are there provisions or planned provisions for a model save/exporting to one of the supported sceneFormats?

    If not, if this was something I wanted to do, what would be the most Qt/3d way go about it?

    For instance, if I wanted to make a file converter to convert from .OBJ to .3ds could I do that?

  • Only some ideas to convert files from obj. to 3ds.

    I think it is difficult to convert a obj-file to 3ds, because the structure is entirely different.
    Especially of 3ds. The .obj-files you can read with a normal texteditor.
    So if you want to create a converter it would be recommendable to study the structure of 3ds, which you can find here:


    You can check your result by using blender, if your own viewer isnt working correctly yet.

    To the matter of QGLAbstractScene i cant say anything but maybe this might be of any help:

    "QtQuick3D scene node geometry":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/12453

    But you have probably seen it yet.

  • Thanks for the great links,

    I guess the example of the file converter might not be totally appropriate for what I want. I really want to be able to create geometry in my code and save/export it to obj format, or some other format that could be opened by a Blender or Maya. The third link seems helpful to that end, but it looks like there are no built in export facilities.

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