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QTextStream write to QString ignore endl

  • My program is simple

    #include <QTextStream>
    #include <QDebug>
    #include <QString>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QString msg;
        QTextStream stream(&msg, QIODevice::Text | QIODevice::WriteOnly);
        stream << "1" << endl;
        stream << "2" << endl;
        stream << "3";
        qDebug() << msg;   // Output "1\n2\n3"
        return 0;

    What I want is as follows :


    But it is seems that QTextStream totally ignore the endl manipulator. The program output is :


    Besides endl, I have already tried '\n', '\r\n', but not work too.

    My platform is Windows 11, the Qt version is 5.12.11(MSVC2017 64bit), and the compiler is MSVC.

    Any one can help?

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    Hi, and welcome!

    @semicloud said in QTextStream write to QString ignore endl:


    That is correct. \n is the string value of endl. This is the same debug output as qDebug() << QString("1\n2\n3");.

    What I want is as follows :


    You can do one of the following:

    • Write msg to a text file and open it with a text editor.
    • Put msg in a QLabel or QTextEdit.
    • Convert msg from a QString to a const char*: qDebug() << msg.toUtf8().constData();

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