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Mixing Qt with Cocoa/MacOS X specific code

  • Hello,

    I'm fresh with Qt on Windows since 1 week and never developed with Xcode/Cocoa.

    The problem is the following: the behavior of the developed Qt application is not the same with Windows and Mac OS X, so I would need to tweak the code by adding a couple of Cocoa's lines of code when compiling the project on MacOS X. Since Cocoa is in Objective-C and not the main code application, do you have any idea or references pointing how to do that?


  • Many of the Objective C API can be used with C/C++ bindings in regular C. Also, Objective C++ should be usable within regular C++.

    As a last restort you can put your Objective C code into a separate source file and call the methods from C++.

  • Thanks Volker, I'll do this way and keep this thread updated.

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