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Using Designer with Qt for MCU example "motor_cluster"

  • Hi,

    i am new to Qt and Qt for MCUs. We got a NXP1170 Evaluation Board with the Display and i cloud run the motor_cluster example.
    Now i want to view the .qml files in the Designer. On every File i open, i get some warnings like these:
    If i click on "Got to Error" it switches to the Texteditor:
    I don't understand these warnings or errors because i can build and run the application. Do i have to install any package or can we not edit the .qml Files for MCUs in the Designer?

    Thank you for any answer!

    I'am using:
    Qt for MCUs 1.9
    Qt Creator 5.0.2
    Qt Design Studio 2.2.0
    and have a paid License.

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