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[Solved] Recommended approaches to plotting points in 3D

  • I'm new to Qt 3D and OpenGL, and would like to plot about 100 points in 3D space, where each "point" may actually be a small sphere or an image, and may even be accompanied by some text label. I also need some level of interactivity with the points (mouse clicks for example), as well as the usual ability to rotate the scene with the mouse.

    Given that each point and label is a 2D object, would you recommend using QGLWidget as the container and draw the points inside rather than using QGLView and inserting scene nodes? If so, is there an example of something similar? All the examples I've come across so far seems to render a single 3D object (such as Hello GL example) or draw points without responding to mouse events for 3D rotation (shapes example).

  • Starting to get things working now, using QGLWidget and drawing circular "points" using glPointSize() and glEnable(GL_POINT_SMOOTH) functions. I found "this example":http://www.civilnet.cn/book/embedded/gui/qt4/ch08lev1sec5.html a helpful starting point.

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