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How to setup a Java Language Server with Qt Creator?

  • I was wondering, how to setup a Java Language Server to provide code completion in Qt Creator?

    As mentioned in this Manual ( adding a Server through the Qt Creator tool options is fairly easy,
    but I sadly have no experience at all regarding a language Server so I don't know how to setup one, or even which one?

    I found one Post on stack overflow ( regarding the same issue, but other than this, I was not able to find additional information.

    Is there someone who already did this or can lead me in the right direction, what is necessary to provide Java code completion within Qt Creator for Android development?

    My problem is, that while integrating native Java Plugins in my Qt/QML application, I have no code completion at all and a quite long build time... so it's very frustrating to write a bunch of lines in Java, compiling for about 10 minutes and than just getting the error that is misspelled something or forget to import a package :/

    As a workaround I sometimes use an additional IDE like Android Studio, but this seems like an additional overhead to me.

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