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how to insert an element inbetween to QGraphicsPathitem?

  • I have drawn a QGraphicspathitem with five elements. Now I want to add/insert an element inbetween so that the QGraphicsPathitem will have six element .

    Do we have any possible solutions for this?

  • @Selvajothi
    I know nothing about this, but since you have received no other reply.....

    Since I do not see any "insert item" in QGraphicsPathItem Class, but I do see void QGraphicsPathItem::setPath(const QPainterPath &path)

    Sets the item's path to be the given path.

    See also path().

    are you supposed to use QPainterPath QGraphicsPathItem::path() const to retrieve the current path (if you need that), manipulate to insert your extra element, and pass it back to QGraphicsPathItem::setPath() to reset the path as a whole?

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