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Qml States or Script..?/..!

  • Dear Friends,
    I'm a beginner in Qt/QML. I have an image file like button named NEXT. I have a 5 qml files. I want to change the qml files one by one, when i press the next button. I've created 5 buttons for each 5 qml files and connected using STATES. It works fine.
    But i need to show that files with one button. I think i should do it with script. Please help me to solve this.....Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    you can use "Loader": and in your button add one property:

    Image {
    id: next

    proeprty int currentIndex: 0

    than onClicked :

    onClicked: {

    switch( next.currentIndex ) {
         case 0: loaderId.source = "your_first_qml_file.qml"; break;
         case 1: loaderId.source = "your_second_qml_file.qml"; break;


    where loaderId is the id of your Loader item.

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