Should executing "Run" do "Build" automatically when changes are made in QtDesigner" ?

  • I do not recall where , but my QtCreator is optioned to execute "Build" when changes are made in source code and "Run" is executed. Works as expected.

    It actually seems to "Build" only what is necessary, as oppose to executing "Build" directly.
    But that may be just my imagination...

    As of now making changes in QtDEsigner REQUIRES to execute "Build" for changes to take effect.

    Did I missed some option to make "Run" check for QtDesigner "dirty files" and implement similar partial "Build" as when source code files are changed?

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    Have you enabled setting "Save all files before build" from Settings->Build&Run->General?

    If yes and it does not work, then I'd say it's a bug in Qt Creator, please report it.

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