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[SOLVED] Qt Creator run error

  • Hi!

    Yesterday I've just built my Qt Creator with Qt 4.8.0. Now I am running it with terminal:
    <code>$ ./qtcreator</code>
    After that, I've got an error:
    <code>Failed to load core: Could not find 'Core.pluginspec' in /home/tucnak/Documents/QtCreator/build/lib/qtcreator/plugins,/home/tucnak/.local/share/data///Nokia/qtcreator/plugins/2.4.81

    As I understood, there are missed files. But there are was no build errors while building. Maybe I have to <code>make install</code> qtcreator? Thanks.

    UPD1: My /home/tucnak/.local/share/data/ contains only 'Trolltech' folder with qt assistant files.
    UPD2: Qt 4.8.0, ubuntu 10.04.
    UPD3: https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCREATORBUG-4278, is it that I am finding for?
    UPD4: My libCore.so makefile: http://pastebin.com/EW9C5aa3
    UPD5: After <code>make</code> in /src/plugins/coreplugin:
    make: *** No rule to make target Core.pluginspec', needed by../../../lib/qtcreator/plugins/Nokia/libCore.so'. Stop.

    SOLVING: there was bug in makefile. You should to import Core.pluginspec from another WORKING qtcreator and change version in it.

  • HELP!

    Is here any COOL Qt Specialist, like Volker?

  • Looks like you are building with srcdir != builddir and you are indeed hitting what's described in QTCREATORBUG-4278, which is not really a bug of Qt Creator (but rather a qmake limitation which cannot be fixed). However, it's important that you have your build dir on the same level or below src dir. if they are on different levels, things can go horribly wrong:

    OK: src in /home/user/dev/qtcreator
    build in /home/user/dev/qtcreator-build

    OK: src in /home/user/dev/qtcreator
    build in /home/user/dev/qtcreator/build

    Not OK: src in /home/user/dev/qtcreator
    build in /tmp/qtcreator-build

  • Danimo: Are you sure about the second OK? Those directories are not on the same level.

  • Yes, I am. Quote: "it’s important that you have your build dir on the same level or below src dir" :-).

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