Qt Creator doesn't show crash report

  • Hello everyone,
    I am new to Qt Creator, so the question may be silly. While trying to run a program, I get a crash, and the only crash report Qt Creator is giving me is this:
    Am I missing something? Is the crash report supposed to be in some other window that I'm not looking at? Am I supposed to use other software but Qt Creator to see crash info? I've tried reinstalling Qt Creator and switching kits.
    I am using Qt Creator 4.11.0 based on Qt 5.12.8 with GCC compiler under Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

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    No, this is normal.

    To see more debug info, run the app with debugger attached (F5). When crash happens, it will show you exactly where the problem lies.

    Or, if you really only want text output, compile your app with address sanitizer enabled - then it will print all memory leaks after a crash (not only after a crash).

  • Thanks for the reply!
    I figured out that my debugger doesn't act as intended. I started a simple project and tried to run it with F5 (also with breakpoints) and got an empty console window and this output:
    The app is supposed to output an array of 10 elements, it works fine if you run it with Ctrl+R, but running it with F5 ends up with an empty console window.
    Seems like debugger tries to run, but something is causing it to stop. A moment later an empty console window appears.
    I am using GDB debugger:
    Any ideas why does debugger act this way?

  • Found out that this error only occurres in Qt Creator version installed with online installer. The one installed with apt-get works just fine, so I will stick to it.
    Sorry for wasting your time

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