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Weird mac .app build (was fine in December)

  • I noticed something odd in a way resulting .app is being build. Can't exactly say when did this happened since I don't codesign too often...

    So, my last deployment was in December and it went as usual: macdeployqt, codesign app, create dmg, codesign dmg, send it over.
    Yesterday I tried to do same but codesign failed repeatedly with peculiar message about root being not sealed in .app file.
    I took a peek inside. Somehow, apart from Content folder that I would expect to be there, there was whole .app file again, so I had:

    • Content

    Folder had the expected content. In order to codesign and ship I had to manually remove and its subfolders from root.

    Any ideas what had happened here? This is reproducible issue.

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    Did you change anything in between ?
    Xcode version ?
    Qt Creator ?
    Project parameters ?
    Build output configuration ?

  • @SGaist usual update of QtCreator (I tend to keep it up to date despite introducing new bugs in clang-lazy) and xcode. Nothing else changed, I had a brief update to Qt6 but then rolled back to 5.15.2.

    • it worked in the first days of December on 5.15.2
    • it worked in the first days of December on 6
    • then fast forward to yesterday when I discovered the issue.

    In the meantime there was update of QtCreator and xcode.

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    Anything strange in the project setting ?
    Do you have the same issue if you build your project on the command line ?

  • @SGaist No, nothing strange. It is really simple (and I never touch default settings set by the installer). Pro file:

    QT       += core gui svg printsupport
    greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets
    CONFIG += c++17
    CONFIG += sdk_no_version_check
    SOURCES += \
        aboutdialog.cpp \
        main.cpp \
        prefsdialog.cpp \
        qgraphicsmovieitem.cpp \
    HEADERS += \
        aboutdialog.h \
        prefsdialog.h \
        qgraphicsmovieitem.h \
    FORMS += \
        aboutdialog.ui \
        prefsdialog.ui \
        TNImageViewer_en_GB.ts \
    RESOURCES += \
    DISTFILES += \
        TNImageViewer_en_GB.qm \
    macx: {
    QTPLUGIN += libcocoa\
    ICON = img/iconTNIV.icns
    QMAKE_BUNDLE = TNImageViewer
    win32: {
    QTPLUGIN += qwindows\
    RC_ICONS += img/TNImageViewer.ico

    Truth to tell I never build any project using command line. Creator always worked...

  • After the advice from @SGaist I started to experiment a bit with settings of the build steps: problem disappeared after I did these three steps one by one (after each I checked if the problem is gone - it disappeared after the last step:

    • turning off QML debugging and profiling switch (default was "leave default", effective call showed CONFIG+=qml_debug now it is CONFIG-=)
    • turning off QtQuick compiler (default was "leave default, effective call showed CONFIG+=qtquickcompiler now it is CONFIG-=)
    • deleting shadow build folders (I do it routinely once a week or so anyway).

    Now the problem is gone, I am marking the topic as "solved".