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HOWTO debug "Remote process crashed" on app termination from QtCreator

  • When I launch my application from QtCreator and terminate via Ctrl+E, I see the qDebug() exit messages I have added, which is as expected. However, sometimes the final message in the Application Output window is Remote process crashed. Other times it is Application finished with exit code 0 (and my exit messages are identical). I have enabled coredump generation, yet no core is dumped even when it says the process crashed. Nor does a user-installed signal handler get run.

    What does "process crashed" indicate when quitting the application? Is it a legitimate abort/segfault condition? I am concerned that my app might not shut down gracefully under some circumstances, but can find no way to debug this. I am building/launching from an x86-64 Ubuntu host and running on a Raspberry Pi target, although I'm not sure that that matters.

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