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How to render flash content/(html doc with flash content) using QWebView in windows OS

  • Hi,

    I would like to load a html doc that merely brings a youtube flash video content using QWebView.
    My problem is that when I set QWebView->QWidget WindowFlags as Qt::FramelessWindowHint in order to make QWebView->Widget borderless, it doesnot render the flash content on QWebView window. If I am not setting this property(making the widget with border)it goes well Under Windows OS.

    I tried this in Linux , same code works fine with and without border in Linux.
    Please help me how to make it work in Window using frameless window.

    I am not able to post my sample code since it is exceeding the 6000 characters limit.


  • You could boil down the code to a simple test class of two or three dozens of lines to demonstrate the behavior.

  • I solved this problem using win32 functions

    LONG lStyle = GetWindowLong(m_objWebView.winId(), GWL_STYLE);
            SetWindowLong(m_objWebView.winId(), GWL_STYLE, lStyle);

    Thanks qt developers.........

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