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Which QtCreator variables contain platform and CPU architecture?

  • In QtCreator, if you want to modify the Build Directory, in Projects/Build Setttings/General, you can set a fixed path, like /var/tmp/some-dir, or you can use the A->B button to use QtCreator internal variables.

    I am trying to get the value of the platform (win, mac, unix...), and architecture (x86, x64, arm...) defined in the current Kit from these internal variables, and use them to set the path to Build Directory.

    Does anyone know from which QtCreator internal variables, like %Compiler:Name, can I get the platform and architecture?

    I suspect %CurrentRun:Env:<value> or less likely $Compile:Name:<value>, could be the one, but I could not find the possible values for the <value> parameter anywhere.

  • The possible values in %{Compile:Name:<value>} are the languanges in the toolchain, i.e. C, Cxx, Nim

    I am not aware of variables for the platform and architecture there, if they are needed they could be added. You could consider filing a feature request at

    On a more general note: Not many Qt Creator developer read this forum here on a regular base. Better channels for questions are the #qt-creator channel on FreeNode IRC (no registration needed there) or the mailing list.

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