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[Qt Installer Framework] Run .exe/.run file in a blocking child process

  • Hi. When a user try to install my QtIFW based app and if the app is already present in the system, then I'm allowing user to overwrite the previous installation by uninstalling the previous installation. Thus, I call the maintenance tool of the previously installed QtIFW app. When this happen, two windows are there: current in-progress installation window and previous app's uninstallation window. The issue here is that we can switch between the two windows as both windows are their own separate processes. I wish to call the previous app's maintenance tool as a blocking synchronous child process so that the user cannot access the current installation window until the previous uninstallation window is present.

    Please ask if more clarity is needed. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated!

  • @akhi95 I figured out QProcess::execute() might be helpful. But since it's a CPP function, not sure how to use it in my component script (JS).

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