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ERROR: ldd outputLine: " => not found" linuxdeployqt

  • Hi, I have created a project on QT creator which is linked with multiple cpp exes. Most of these exes are working with (-lsqlite3). Data base is directly linked to whole project
    Process of Deployment:

    • I have downloaded release from github which is named as linuxdeployqt-7-x86_64.AppImage and is placed in DOWNLOADS folder
    • I have exported the path of qt by
    export PATH=/home/kaleem/Qt5.9.1/5.9.1/gcc_64/bin/:$PATH
    • i have created a folder named(processorder) in Downloads directory.
    • (processorder) folder has three files, one is the binary named(Process_Order), 2nd file is .desktop file and the third is icon file which is in png format

    after all this, i opened terminal in downloads and ran following command

    ./linuxdeployqt-7-x86_64.AppImage processorder/Process_Orders -unsupported-allow-new-glibc -appimage

    It gave me the following errors

    ERROR: ldd outputLine: " => not found"
    ERROR: for binary: "/home/kaleem/Qt5.9.1/5.9.1/gcc_64/plugins/sqldrivers/"
    ERROR: Please ensure that all libraries can be found by ldd. Aborting.

    then i changed my command to

    /linuxdeployqt-7-x86_64.AppImage processorder/Process_Orders -unsupported-allow-new-glibc

    but i still got same error. Can anybody help me deploy my project successfully?

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