Error in qt(necessitas) from opencv

  • hi
    i'm programming in QT for android device and need to use openCV for capture from camera. i already use qt creator and linking opencv and use camera, but in qt for necessitas when build program, show this errors:

    grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder10readHeaderEv+0x10): undefined reference to TIFFOpen' grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder10readHeaderEv+0x28): undefined reference toTIFFGetField'
    grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder10readHeaderEv+0x42): undefined reference to TIFFGetField' grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder10readHeaderEv+0x52): undefined reference toTIFFGetField'
    grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder10readHeaderEv+0x72): undefined reference to TIFFGetField' grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder10readHeaderEv+0x7e): undefined reference toTIFFGetField'
    C:\OpenCV2.0\lib\armeabi-v7a\libopencv_highgui.a(grfmt_tiff.o): In function cv::TiffDecoder::readData(cv::Mat&)': grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder8readDataERNS_3MatE+0x78): undefined reference toTIFFIsTiled'
    grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder8readDataERNS_3MatE+0x8a): undefined reference to TIFFGetField' grfmt_tiff.cpp:(.text._ZN2cv11TiffDecoder8readDataERNS_3MatE+0xbc): undefined reference toTIFFGetField'

    is necessitas support openCV?
    sorry for my english

  • Moderators

    I suggest you ask this on "the necessitas forum":
    The necessitas developers answer questions there directly and know the latest / upcoming development targets.

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