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Project using Botan fails to compile, with hundreds of errors.

  • Normally, I'm perfectly able to compile my project with Botan. But when I added some Qt stuff, qmake's generated makefile causes over 600 errors, few of which I could fix. Errors are shown here.

    Is this because of qmake or a problem with Botan?

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    it seems to be with Botan and its secure_vector.
    Did you update or change Botan since it worked last time ?

  • It's the latest version and like I said, my project compiles fine until I add some Qt stuff and need to use qmake. And as far as I remember it did used to work with Botan. But now, even if I don't have anything related to Qt in the files, it still gives me this error. I think it's with qmake. But all my other Qt projects work so I think qmake just isn't working properly with Botan

  • Nevermind, fixed it. Turns out I was missing a Botan file and reinstalling the package fixed it

    Edit: forgot to mention this, but I had a file called "string.h", and qmake added the project directory as an include path, which added to some of those errors. Renaming it also fixed it.

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