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[Moved] Qt Integration with TDM GCC

  • Dear all,

    I guess this is bit unfair to discuss the plugin of TDM-GCC with Qt at this Forum. Does anybody have tried it successfully.

    Please let me know steps to integrate TDM GCC with Qt Creator 2.0.0 and using Qt 4.7.0.

    Rest is Fine.

    Best Regards,
    Gaurav Holey

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  • moving to tools forum, more apt than desktop forum

  • It should work atleast with compiler script fixes, mingw32 works with Qt out of the box and that seems to use it or mingw64 as backend.

    Not really on-topic, but does Qt work with mingw64 at all?

  • Dear Smar,

    Actually I am newbie here, I am facing the difficulty in configuring the qt for static build...i have tried various tutorials on net..but ended with loads of undefined references...i have put this issue in one of the forum post here "QT Static Library Building Issue:Need Help!!!"

    In one of the tutorial, i got to know we can resolve the issue of static libraries through using TDM GCC, I hope i am taking the right path....Please guide through this ....


    Gaurav Holey

  • I suggest not to build your application statically unless it is really small...

    By downloading the Qt source and using -static as configuration flag should allow you to build Qt statically.

    Note that I haven’t tested this myself, but maybe this link would be more of help: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/deployment-windows.html

    TDM-GCC, as it uses MinGW, should work pretty much with equivalent steps.

    EDIT2: Okay, editing is broken? Line breaks doesn’t seem to render. Or the link is the faulty part?

  • hi there,

    Thanks for your prompt response.I am talking in reference with vc++ wherein i used to deploy the application statically...it was a cake walk right....old habits die hard...its bit difficult to digest this thing...I guess, static deployment is discouraged here in Qt......

    The statically linked library makes your life easier when you have to create the installer package for that particular application....still your expert opinion will always be appreciable to me.

    Can you suggest any good installer software utility for Qt, like install shield in case of Visual Studio...

    Best Regards,
    Gaurav Holey

  • hi smar, pls convert that url text to a link

  • It doesn't solve the problem with it not being able to row it correctly... It just hides it away, so I decided to keep it, maybe someone can reproduce it or something.

    Offtopic, anyway?

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