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[Solved] Qt Creator trying to use non-existing UNIX tools on Windows

  • Just started using Qt Creator on Windows with the MinGW compiler instead of Visual Studio. For some reason it just doesn't work. I have a new clean install of the Qt SDK, but when I try to build a project, I get errors for missing programs like rm and test.

    Since everyone using this setup obviously doesn't have this problem, I assume it's something to do with how other things are setup on my machine. But why are Qt Creator even trying to use these tools, which do not seem to be included in the Qt SDK distribution? Did it find them somewhere when I installed the SDK, but cannot find them now?

    I could of course install Cygwin or get these tools some other way, but that cannot be how it's supposed to work, can it?

  • Check if you have cygwin another mingw installation other than the one from Qt SDK in your path.

  • I don't. What I did have in the path when I installed Qt SDK was OpenSSH, which included some (or all) of these tools. But they did not work because of a missing DLL, so I removed it from the path. I guess this is what screwed up my installation.

    If I reinstall the SDK, without those tools in the path - will they be installed along with the SDK? Or will it use the corresponding Windows tools instead? I guess I will simply try, and see what happens.

  • Just had to reinstall the Qt version that was causing the problem, using the SDK maintenance tool. Now it's using the corresponding Windows tools instead, and everything works just fine!

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