How to override the QDoubleSpinbox StepBy function

  • I am overriding the StepBy function of QDoubleSpinBox

    // override to adjust step size
    void SumDoubleBox::stepBy(int steps)
    	(steps > 0.0 ? m_stepUp = true : m_stepUp = false);
    	// set the actual step size here
    	double newStep = m_defaultStep;
    	if (QApplication::queryKeyboardModifiers() & Qt::ShiftModifier & Qt::ControlModifier )
    		newStep *= 0.01;
    	else if (QApplication::queryKeyboardModifiers() & Qt::ShiftModifier)
    		newStep *= 0.1;
    	// be sure to call the base setSingleStep() here, otherwise redundant loop.
    	m_CurrentStep = newStep * steps;

    The function works fine but somehow this condition never gets executed

    if (QApplication::queryKeyboardModifiers() & Qt::ShiftModifier & Qt::ControlModifier )

    when the user presses both shift and Control button the Doublespinbox increments by default value 1

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    @summit said in How to override the QDoubleSpinbox StepBy function:

    & Qt::ShiftModifier & Qt::ControlModifier

    This is wrong. If you want to check both conditions you have to use 'or' instead binary and

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