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Debugger not working properly

  • Hi,
    I use Creator 4.12.4 with Qt 5.14.2 (MSVC 2017, 32 bit) and compiler MinGW 5.3.0 32 (with debugger gdb 7.10.1) on Windows 10 64 bits pro. The debugger worked perfectly for years, but suddenly I got a problem: Once it stops on a breakpoint, nothing works: I cannot step into, step over or step out (I click on the buttons, nothing happens). The only recent modification on my system is that Windows made an update a few days ago. Is someone having the same problem?

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    Hi @jcga,

    So you mean both debuggers are broken now?

    Please search the debugger log (Windows > Views > Debugger Log) for any obvious problems.


  • I think I have the same problem. The application stops when a breakpoint is encountered but there is no debug information. I discovered an inconvenient workaround described below.

    1. Set breakpoint

    2. Run the application in Debug. The debugger stops but doesn’t show the yellow arrow at breakpoint. The Debugger Log indicates the application has stopped. Local variables are not shown. Stack window does not show any information. In the debugger pane, the “Threads” is at #0.

    3. The yellow arrow can be shown at the breakpoint if I change “Threads” to some other number (e.g. #1) which displays assembly code in the editor with the yellow arrow visible.

    4. When changing “Threads” back to #0, the yellow arrow at the breakpoint is visible in the editor. Local variable are displayed. Pressing F10 (Step Over) advances to the next line of code but the yellow arrow, local variables and stack info disappear.

    Windows 10
    Creating a desktop application
    Qt Creator v4.13.0, based on Qt 5.15.0, built Aug 25, 2020

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

    1.0 Stopped.jpg

    2.0 Thread 1.jpg

    3.0 Thread 0.jpg

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