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TextInput Cursor Anchor Not Displaying just Below Cursor

  • i am developing one android application in Qt QML , i am facing one problem with text input cursor anchor (text handler), actually this anchor should display just below the cursor of TextInput , i don't why it is displaying somewhere below the cursor you can see in this screen shot Screenshot_20200722-095238.jpg
    but i tried TextInput field in a prototype project, there is it is working fine, i don't why it is not working in my project ( it is a existing project) could you please any body help me ? below you can find the code

    Rectangle {
    id: txtRect
    width: parent.width * 0.9
    height: 20
    anchors.topMargin: 200
    anchors.left: parent.left
    anchors.leftMargin: (parent.width * 0.1)/2
    color: "white"
    TextField {
    id: mTxtInput
    anchors.fill: parent
    color: "black"

    even i tried with TextField also , still result is same .

  • This is not about text input cursor, this is about android itself

  • @Yunus , Thank you for reply , yes it is a text handle feature in android, my question is, anchor (which is in blue color) not displaying exactly below the cursor in my App, but if i create and deploy a prototype project for TextInput in same mobile it is working fine , you can see below