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Qt and STM32CubeIde code Integration

  • I have a STM32F769 board and Qt for MCU installed.
    There are some examples for accessing stm32 peripherals(GPIOs etc) present as STM32CubeIde project.
    So I want to integrate that project into my QtCreator with Qt for MCU kit and run on board.

    1. My question is can this be done? If so how to integrate?
      Is there an easy way to port those examples in Qt and run on board?

    2. Can this be done other way like instead of generating a .hex Qt for MCU will provide some library to be integrated with STMCube project?


  • @Sachin_Og said in Qt and STM32CubeIde code Integration:

    Hey, you should be able to follow this,

    Then following the board specific instructions to set up environment etc, you should be able to compile headers/classes from the STM project into your Qt project.

    1. There is an example in the Qt for MCUs SDK named "interrupt_handler". This should help you see how you can include sources from a STM32CubeIDE project.

    2. Integrating Qt for MCUs in a STMCube project might be possible today but I don't think it's straightforward and we don't have documentation for it. This is something we will be looking into in the near future, to support this kind of use case "out-of-the-box".

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