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Mixed C++\QML Plugin Shared Library

  • Hi,

    I know this topic has already been covered on this forum, but I still have doubts on how to setup the shared lib .pro and importing lib into application project to cover all the use cases I have:

    • I need to implement a shared library project with C++ classes and QML components

    • Lots of c++ classes needs to be extended on application side, and I reached this point using Symbols approach

    • Several QML components has C++ backend. Reading documentation I understand that I can reach this using the Extension Plugin approach

    • Some of these are pure QML components without c++ backend and I need to load these from application side without the extension plugin approach

    My problem is: I want that each QML file related to sharedlib will be hidden on application side, as these components will be shared from different application and I don't want to have custom QML components at application level. So my target is to put qml files into qrc inside the shared library and access to these modules\components from application side.

    How can I achieve these points? I read qt documentation but I feel lost finding the right approach.
    Thanks in advance.