Setting QTextBrowser text background color

  • Is it possible to set individual characters background color in QTextBrowser or QTextEdit ?

    I don't mean font color of text but different colored background squares under individual characters.

  • @Q139
    Untested, but I assume since both of those accept HTML (you're prepared to use that, right?) you can use stylesheet {background-color: ...} around each individual character? Say like:

    <span style='background-color: red;'>R</span><span style='background-color: green;'>G</span><span style='background-color: blue;'>B</span>...

    Unless someone else knows better/a better way?

  • @JonB Thanks for correct syntax , solved.
    In syntax background without -color also works.

  • @Q139
    Assuming QSS is approximately similar to HTML CSS, background does a lot more than just set the color: It so happens that background: green; sets the color alone. I would use background-color, no need to abbreviate.

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