How can i call the bash script from .pro file?

  • I do have one script for creating installer for linux. i would like to call that script from .pro file.

    Here I mention my profile.

    TEMPLATE = lib
    TARGET = SquidStatInstaller
    QT += core
    QMAKE_POST_LINK += $$quote(bash ./../../_LinuxDeploy/ $$[QT_INSTALL_BINS])

    It is calling script if build directory is not present for project SquidStatInstaller. when I do rebuild the project then it is not calling to that script.

    Is it anyway to call the script while doing rebuild or build or run qmake?

    I know how can i call from custom build. I would like to set from .pro file because. I am calling different script for Mac and linux.

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  • @Yash001
    How about using $$clean_path($$PWD/./../../_LinuxDeploy/ instead of the relative path?

  • @Bonnie
    .pro file is identify the path but the issue is, whenever I do rebuild at that time it is not call to

    I want to know if any variable is call the to script on build.