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QSlider Widget not resizing on Beagleboard running Angstrom

  • I have created a app with a number of push buttons and one horizontal slider. I am using a GridLayout. I am running the app on both the Beagleboard Rev C and xM and both are running the latest Angstrom version which I built using OpenEmbedded. I am using a Xenarc TSH700 touch screen. The touch is working fine and I can interact with all the widgets. I am new to Qt and have tried searching for clues as to why the slider is so small on the screen. I can manipulate the size of the QPushButton widgets and the QLabel widgets but nothing I do will increase the size of the slider groove. If I try to increase the size of the slider using setMimimumHeight or any of the size adjustment functions the only thing that increases is the lenght of the tick marks. I even tried creating a styleSheet to increase the height of the groove and that did not work. The current slider groove and handle are so small that it is impossible to manipulate it using the touch screen.

    I have read where Angstrom has both an X11 and an embedded version of Qt but I have no idea which I am using or what difference it makes. In trying to debug the problem, I created a very simple app with just a qslider in the window and the same problem happened. Any hint or direction as to how I can increase the size of the slider groove are greatly appreciated.

  • I forgot an important piece. I am using pyqt4.

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