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Creator not displaying debug information

  • Hi all -

    This is very similar to a problem I encountered a couple years ago. Unfortunately I didn't post the solution, nor do I remember it.

    Anyway, yesterday, when using the debugger in Creator, one of my classes (based on QWidget) doesn't show anything in the debugger. As far as I can tell, this is the only class/object that this is happening with.

    I don't know what else to say -- using Creator 4.12.0, MinGW debugger 7.3.0 and gdb 8.1 for MinGW. I've deleted all of my build artifacts, and double-checked that I'm using the debug configuration. Rather baffling to me. Any ideas? Thanks...

  • Well, I found the problem (by process of elimination), but I don't understand it.

    class Widget : public QWidget
        Ui::Widget *ui;
    //    QPlainTextEdit m_logTabs[5]; // this way screws up the debugger
        QVector<QPlainTextEdit> m_logTabs; // this way allows the debugger to work OK.
        explicit Widget(QWidget *parent = nullptr);

    I realize that using C-style vectors isn't the greatest of form, I really doing something wrong? The code works, so it seems as though the debugger should, too.

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    continuation: QTCREATORBUG-23998

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