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Running test project with conan Qt project

  • I'm trying to avoid installing Qt, but instead will try to use it as a package.

    IDE: VS2019 w/ CMake 3.16

    OS: Windows 10


    It seems I have installed everything properly and there are no link errors on compilation. The issue is when I try and run the executable I get

    Could not load the Qt platform plugin "windows" in "" even though it was found

    The conan package does not seem to come with a windeployqt.exe.
    What I've done is installed Qt as well as using the online installer and used windeployqt.exe from msvc2017_64/bin/ on the target .exe I want to test. Looking at the executable folder, it seems to have all .dll dependencies.
    Looking in the same folder as my executable there is a folder called platforms that stores a file called qwindowsd.dll. The project is Debug mode.

    Still after using windeployqt.exe it still gives me this error.

  • Resolved by setting plugin path.

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