QPainter::begin:: A paint device can only be painted by one painter at a time

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    Hello. I am a very very beginner.
    There is a very big problem with using Qpainter. I keep getting the following error in my project.
    "QPainter::begin:: A paint device can only be painted by one painter at a time"
    So I tried running another project that was running fine on another computer to try it out, but still got the same error at that perfect project. So I created a new widget project and executed it without adding anything other than the above sentence, but I still get the same error. Obviously, Qpainter was used only in one place, but why does this error occur?
    I think there are other problems in my environment because I see the same error even on a project that runs well on another computer, but I don't know what it is....
    Please save me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • As I can see, the QImage has not be created, it is a wild pointer.
    It surprises me that you didn't get a crash.

  • @wone
    Not only is @Bonnie correct, I can also see a yellow warning triangle against your painter.begin(img) line. What does that warning tell you?

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