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How to use QML Playlist Type save function to save playlist.

  • I am unable to use Playlist save function to save playlist of my Music Player made in QML.
    I already have tried using the function, but the operation always fails.

    FileDialog {
            id: filesLoader
            title: "Chose files to add to playlist"
            selectMultiple: true
            selectExisting: true
            nameFilters: ["Mp3 Files (*.mp3)"]
            onAccepted: {
                if("file:///E:/Playlist")) {
                    console.log("Playlist Saved")
                else {
                    console.log("Playlist Save  Failed"+audioPlaylist.errorString)

    I dont know why. May be because of providing wrong location parameter in the syntax
    bool (location,format)
    Syntax Link
    I checked the documentation of Playlist Type but it does not mention any guidelines about how and what type the location is required.
    I can use FolderListModel, but I want to explore Playlist Type if useful.
    Please help me.

  • @iamRahul I figured it out. We need to specify full location path till the file, and specify file type in format. Then it worked for me.

                if("file:///C:/MyMusicPlayer/Playlists/global_playlist.m3u","m3u")) {
                    console.log("Playlist Saved")

    Adding the filename global_playlist.m3u and format m3u made it working for me.