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Trouble with GridView

  • I have a rather simple GridView who's model is a list of url's for images. The delegate is Image and I am not specifying anything about the image other than it's source and id:

      id: theComponent
        id: theItem
          id: theGridView
          model: modelData.optionsListImages
          anchors.fill: parent
          anchors.margins: 10
          delegate: Image
            id: theImage
            source: modelData

    the problem I am having is that these images overlap one another. That is, until I start messing around with the cellWidth property... until I specify that the property should be the width of the image, but I can't specify that width like this:

    cellWidth: theImage.width

    Instead I have to specify the actual images size, like so:

    cellWidth: 250

    I was under the impression that it would automatically set the cellWidth and cellHeight property's to be the size of whatever is inside the delegate? That's what the examples here seem to suggjest. I would rather have the cell width/height grow/shrink depending on the size of the image. Perhaps I cant? Perhaps I actually need to MAKE SURE my images are all EXACTLY the same size and specify it directly?

  • Apparently I was wrong: "The item size of the GridView is determined by cellHeight and cellWidth. It will not resize the items based on the size of the root item in the delegate." So I suppose you do have to explicitly set your cellWidth and cellHeight to be that of the root item in the delegate.

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