Using C# inside the Qt IDE

  • Hi all,

    I want to use C# (my preferred language) inside the nice Qt IDE. I'm using Kubuntu 11.10 (with KDE of course). I installed qyoto, but I don't know what to do now.
    What should I do or should I use MonoDevelop instead with Qt widgets?


    EDIT: as it's a Creator specific question, and not one of binding Qt to other languages than C++, I moved this to the tools forum, Gerolf

  • Hi Evert7,

    Do you mean QtCreator by Qt IDE? It is mostly written to develop Qt apps, or C++. I don't know if it is possible to get C# cod ehighlighting, and compiler tool chain in without any problems. But you ahve to change the whole tool chain, incl. qmake should not be used. But the projects are based on qmake and pro files, so could get complicated.

    Perhaps it is possible, if you create some other plugins?

  • I if could, I would really like to do that :)

  • You could make some suggestion to the creator team to enhance creator to be able to do C# projects :-) But I'm not sure if they want to do that...

  • Moderators

    Adding support for additional languages is not a priority for use.

    Feel free to provide plugins:-) I am not sure we would care to add C# into Qt Creator core since that is not really widely used in our target audience. You can always provide your own plugin though.

  • What is the aim of using C# within QtCreator? Are you glueing C# code to Qt code?

  • [quote author="fluca1978" date="1320838819"]What is the aim of using C# within QtCreator? Are you glueing C# code to Qt code? [/quote]

    I'm now running on linux since a half year ago, before that I was using C# with Visual Studio on Windows. I would like to keep C#, but Visual Studio is impossible to keep so I searched another IDE and because I run KDE, I would prefer Qt.

    So I would like to have Qt widgets that I can control trough C# code.

  • I suggest you to try monodevelop or eclipse for c#. For accessing to Qt widgets from c# you need a mono binding, I don't know if this exists.

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