[SOLVED] Restore open files for project upon Qt Creator launch?

  • Hi,

    I've been using Visual Studio for some time and one feature I've really come to like is that after I close a solution file and then reopen it, when I reopen it all the files I had left open before closing the solution are displayed again. This is particularly helpful when I leave one day and come back another as seeing the open files scrolled to the lines of code I was looking at before is a quick way of reminding me what I was working on.

    I've noticed that when I reopen a project in Qt Creator that no open files are shown, even if I had closed the project with files still open. I checked the Options menus to see if saving the state of open files was a user-selectable option, but couldn't find anything. Does Qt Creator offer this functionality? If not, is this something that's being worked on or something that would likely make it into a release in the near future?


  • Qt Creator keeps track of opened files for sessions, not projects. I don't not know if there are plans to extend this feature to projects. Join #qt-creator at freenode, you'll get an answer there.

  • Thank you Lukas. I can't believe I never noticed the Sessions section in the Welcome screen. That seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

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