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UI elements like Rectangle in QML differ on display when QT version was changed

  • Hello

    I had developed my application in Qt 5.7.1 and wanted to build the same with Qt 5.14.
    Everything works as expected but the UI elements appear different even on the same laptop. Can anyone suggest the reason for this and how I avoid it?
    Also, I would like to mention that the rectangle dimensions are the same in both and it's only the display that is different. It has happened with all the UI elements.

    I am attaching images for a sample rectangle for your reference.




  • Moderators

    A lot has changed between Qt 5.7 and 5.14. It's hard to say what exactly is the issue here.

    • Look for any runtime warnings - perhaps you have some bugs in layouts
    • 5.14 has some icons (bottom left) which 5.7 does not have - perhaps they "push" the rectangles to grow bigger?
    • Check if your screen has high DPI, perhaps Qt's new automated DPI scaling system kicks in and enlarges your UI

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