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Pass parameters from QML to C++

  • Hello, I currently have a tumbler built in qml which I can extract the current user set time. I have these 3 parameters (hour, minute, am/pm) printing to the console using this code.

    {text: "Set"
    //onClicked: model.submit()
    onClicked: print(hoursTumbler.hourcode, minutesTumbler.mincode, amPmTumbler.ampmcode)							 

    My question is how can I pass these 3 parameters back to my C++ code which houses my main application.
    The C++ code currently calls the QML file like this.

    QQuickView* quickView = new QQuickView(QUrl::fromLocalFile(QDir::currentPath() + "\\Resources\\videos\\aos.qml"));
    		// Make the QML view resize when the parent is resized
    		quickWidgettum = new QWidget;
    		// Add the QML view to my widget layout
    		quickWidgettum = QWidget::createWindowContainer(quickView);
    		quickWidgettum->setWindowFlags(Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::Window);

  • @celica I haven't used QQuickView but from the documentation I would imagine that you do something like this:

    MyApi* api = new MyApi(...);
    quickView->engine()->setContextProperty("myApi", api);


    #include <QObject>
    class MyApi : public QObject
        Q_INVOKABLE virtual void setValue(int i);

    Then in your QML, the identifier myApi is available to you and you should be able to call e.g. myApi.setValue(10) from javascript code.

  • Thanks for the input.
    I do not have an engine in my code. So I simply use
    quickViewdate->rootContext()->setContextProperty("myApi", api);

    I get the error ReferenceError: myApi is not defined when I try and call the function to connect.

  • @celica I think you need to do this is several steps:

    QQuickView* quickView = new QQuickView()
    quickView->rootContext()->setContextProperty("myApi", api);
    quickView->setSource(QUrl::fromLocalFile(QDir::currentPath() + "\\Resources\\videos\\aos.qml")));
    // More initialization, if required

  • @KroMignon Thanks all for your input
    I managed to get it working. This may help someone:
    What I did was within my qml file created these objectname tags for each tumbler:

    id: minutesTumbler
    objectName: "min"
    model: 60
    delegate: delegateComponent
    readonly property int mincode: minutesTumbler.currentIndex

    Then from within c++ ->

    QQuickItem* object = quickView->rootObject();
    QObject *v_hour = object->findChild<QObject*>("hour");
    double myhour = v_hour->property("hourcode").toDouble();
    qDebug() << "Tumbler Data: " << myhour;

  • @celica said in Pass parameters from QML to C++:

    I managed to get it working

    Great. So please don't forget to mark your post as solved!

  • @celica said in Pass parameters from QML to C++:

    double myhour = v_hour->property("hourcode").toDouble();

    you can ensure conversion happened correctly if you pass a bool to toDouble

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