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problem with qwidget & macro express pro

  • hello.
    Seeking some help from you experts.
    I am using macro express pro.
    Trying to read a software qwidget (used by xampp) for installing wordpress sites.
    I can manually activate the buttons (with mouse), install text into textboxes (using keyboard) etc ... but macro express wont pick up the coding no matter what I try!
    The closest I get is it showing the z-order but it cant collect a value ... so I dont have a control value to work from..
    Any ideas on how can I make the coding readable by the macro?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    macro express pro must support Qt directly or its not possible. (AFAIK)

    The Widgets are not native controls and hence trying to access them via the
    Windows API wont work at all.

    I had same issue with AutoIt3 and only got it partly working.

    Did you talk with macro express pro support ?

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