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Osx weak link framework/dylib

  • Is it possible to weak link an osx framework as well as a dylib using QtCreator and if so, how?


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    That has nothing to do with Qt Creator, it just calls regular make + makefiles. Just add the weak linked libraries to the LIBS variable:

    LIBS += -weak_framework <framework_name>

    PS: for weak linking of a library use

    LIBS += -weak_library <library name>

    See "Apple's documentation": for details.

  • Thanks. I was just about to post my findings and found your answer. :)

    After diving into this I would have asked a different question of how to lazy load a shared library. I want strict linking on the symbols but to load the library only when needed. Also I apologize for not looking at the ld man page before asking this question (didn't occur to me); maybe it will save someone down the road some time. :)

    With that said, for those interested this is how to lazy load a shared library on osx:

    @-L../mylib/dir/ -lazy-lmylib@

    Thanks again!

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